How to get your zip’s password which you forgot ?

this is based on windows

Sometimes you may forget the password of your file, and you may need to brute force it

Since brute force cracking, it is best to use the GPU’s computing power tool

Supports almost all public formats of encryption algorithms. Of course, since it is brute force, the speed is not fast.

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What does Lu Xiaojun’s title of god, 37 mean to weightlifters?

On July 31, 2021, in the men’s 81 kg weightlifting competition in the Olympic Games, Chinese athlete Lu Xiaojun won the championship with 170 kg snatch and 204 kg clean and jerk, with a total score of 374 kg, three Olympic records!

Compared to the results of this competition, I am even more shocked by Lu Xiaojun’s age. This year, Lu Xiaojun is 37 years old.

What does 37 years old mean to weightlifters?

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Java programs resist xss attacks

Principle: All data requested by the front end is escaped and then stored in the database

Import the hutool-all package

<!--Data escape to prevent xss attacks-->        <dependency>
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Talking about Hilly algorithm

First、roguelike Map introduction

Roguelike is an RPG game with a random map. The randomly generated map, props and other elements on each layer are the characteristics of this type of game. I won’t go into details about its specific introduction.
The following will introduce the use of hill algorithm (Hill Algorithm) to achieve random map generation.
Before that, let’s briefly explain the basic information of the map:

  1. The size of the map: 30×30 grids;
  2. Grid of the map: wall or open space, use IsFloor to indicate whether the grid is open space, see below for details.

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