A few iOS updates mentioned and not mentioned at WWDC


  • Notification scrolling on lock screen screen screen, widgets that update in real time
  • Photo can share albums, lock hidden/deleted albums
  • Photo gets undo edit, redo, keying features
  • iMessage can be edited and withdrawn, SharePlay
  • Mail app retractable (10s) and timed send
  • Safari shared tab group
  • Live Text live text with video support, real-time translation
  • Keyboard use while using dictation function
  • System security check, reset access rights and app privacy
  • In-app IDs authentication support for IDs in Wallet
  • Tracking Apple Pay orders in Wallet, shared keys
  • Apple Pay Later installments (expected to be available in US only)
  • Tap to Pay supported by 9 companies
  • Home supports Matter accessories
  • Health schedule and record your medication
  • Fitness can be used without Apple Watch
  • CarPlay extended display to control more functions in your vehicle
  • Maps 3D maps support more cities, multiple path points
  • FaceTime call switching device, headset sync switching
  • Translate uses the camera to translate text
  • Control Apple Watch with iPhone
  • Keyboard typing can be turned on vibration feedback
  • Can delete saved WiFi, can view password
  • App requires permission when pasting content from clipboard
  • Landscape Face ID support
  • Passwords support for third-party two-step verification
  • Contacts contacts auto-detect duplicate contacts

✅ www.apple.com/ios/ios-16-preview

✅ iOS 16 description file: https://yuanye-wx.oss-cn-beijing.aliyuncs.com/iOS_16_Beta_Profile.mobileconfig

What does Lu Xiaojun’s title of god, 37 mean to weightlifters?

On July 31, 2021, in the men’s 81 kg weightlifting competition in the Olympic Games, Chinese athlete Lu Xiaojun won the championship with 170 kg snatch and 204 kg clean and jerk, with a total score of 374 kg, three Olympic records!

Compared to the results of this competition, I am even more shocked by Lu Xiaojun’s age. This year, Lu Xiaojun is 37 years old.

What does 37 years old mean to weightlifters?

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Talking about Hilly algorithm

First、roguelike Map introduction

Roguelike is an RPG game with a random map. The randomly generated map, props and other elements on each layer are the characteristics of this type of game. I won’t go into details about its specific introduction.
The following will introduce the use of hill algorithm (Hill Algorithm) to achieve random map generation.
Before that, let’s briefly explain the basic information of the map:

  1. The size of the map: 30×30 grids;
  2. Grid of the map: wall or open space, use IsFloor to indicate whether the grid is open space, see below for details.

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