A few iOS updates mentioned and not mentioned at WWDC


  • Notification scrolling on lock screen screen screen, widgets that update in real time
  • Photo can share albums, lock hidden/deleted albums
  • Photo gets undo edit, redo, keying features
  • iMessage can be edited and withdrawn, SharePlay
  • Mail app retractable (10s) and timed send
  • Safari shared tab group
  • Live Text live text with video support, real-time translation
  • Keyboard use while using dictation function
  • System security check, reset access rights and app privacy
  • In-app IDs authentication support for IDs in Wallet
  • Tracking Apple Pay orders in Wallet, shared keys
  • Apple Pay Later installments (expected to be available in US only)
  • Tap to Pay supported by 9 companies
  • Home supports Matter accessories
  • Health schedule and record your medication
  • Fitness can be used without Apple Watch
  • CarPlay extended display to control more functions in your vehicle
  • Maps 3D maps support more cities, multiple path points
  • FaceTime call switching device, headset sync switching
  • Translate uses the camera to translate text
  • Control Apple Watch with iPhone
  • Keyboard typing can be turned on vibration feedback
  • Can delete saved WiFi, can view password
  • App requires permission when pasting content from clipboard
  • Landscape Face ID support
  • Passwords support for third-party two-step verification
  • Contacts contacts auto-detect duplicate contacts

✅ www.apple.com/ios/ios-16-preview

✅ iOS 16 description file: https://yuanye-wx.oss-cn-beijing.aliyuncs.com/iOS_16_Beta_Profile.mobileconfig