Jetbrains one-click latest version activation

Applicable to the full range of Jetbrains products:

Including but not limited to IDEA PhpStorm WebStorm PyCharm ReSharper Rider GoLand

No need for all kinds of complicated crack method plug-ins,
Two-step solution, genuine permanent verification

  1. Download the latest version directly from the official website(JetBrains: Essential tools for software developers and teams),
  2. Then enter the server key collected by netizens,
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Online version of VS Code building tutorial: Code-Server

Code-Server is an online version of VS Code developed by Microsoft, which is a browser-based IDE. There is a browser to write code and related documents online. The biggest advantage should be that the iPad can also become a “productivity tool”. The example here uses Debian 11 amd64 system, non-root account, native environment (not docker). The official requirements are 1G memory and 2-core CPU, the recommended option is 2G memory and 2-core CPU, and the hard disk is 32G SSD. The example here uses a VPS with the specific configuration: 2G memory, 2-core CPU, and 30G SSD.

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Quickly build your own cloud BT download

I was looking for some old movies recently. The related resources of BT are very limited. I don’t want a computer to be turned on and download. I just found this Simple Torrent. It is very convenient to use. Download it remotely and then download it back to the local. The VPS storage capacity is only 60G, so it can only be deleted after a few downloads.

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How to get your zip’s password which you forgot ?

this is based on windows

Sometimes you may forget the password of your file, and you may need to brute force it

Since brute force cracking, it is best to use the GPU’s computing power tool

Supports almost all public formats of encryption algorithms. Of course, since it is brute force, the speed is not fast.

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